Liberty Truck and Tractor Pull

  Rules For Stock Antique Class
  1. Antique Models – 1900 thru 1965; must have original serial number.  Tractors will be checked if in question. Tractors that were built outside of the year model but the tractor model started within the year model will be legal to pull unless they manufacture made drastic changes in later year models. Up to discretion of tech official. 
  2. Tractors must retain stock appearance.
  3. Gasoline, LP, and Diesel Fuel Tractors only.  No Alcohol.  No Nitrous.
  4. Tractors must weigh within limits of each weight class.  No overweight allowance.
  5. One class entry per tractor.  Total of two pulls per tractor.
  6. *Sharpened Flat Cut tires are allowed. No professional pulling cut tires will be allowed for Anitique Class. Discretion with tires will be track officials call. 
  7. No Dual Wheels.
  8. Tire size 18.4 through 8500lb class; tire size 20.8 in 9500,  24.5 tire size 10,500lb thru 12,500lb classes 
  9. A pair of Wheelie Bars are required. One time pass is allowed, must have next time you pull. 
  10. *Welded D-rings are allowed as long as they are safe. Clevis or D-ring must have minimum 3" diameter hole for the pulling hook.  
  11. Draw Bar must be stationary with NO movement.
  12. 20” maximum height to the top of the hook point, with minimum ¾” Draw Bar Thickness; 18” minimum Draw Bar length from center of rear axle to back of hole.
  13. No part of Draw Bar can be touching sled chain while pulling.
  14. Tractor must have Working Brakes.
  15. *No Turbo Chargers in Antique Classes, must bump up to Super Antique Class
  16. Use of Factory T A and Multi-power will be allowed one time only.
  17. *Add-on weights allowed.  Add-on weights are not to extend over 11 feet from centerline of rear axle.
  18. No one is allowed on the track except pullers and officials
  19. Pullers 16 years of age and younger must have a signed release by parent or guardian to pull.  Kill switch is required on tractor.
  20. Tractor must weigh out after each pull.  Driver is to stay on  the tractor
  21. Drivers must remain seated during the pull with at least  one hand on the steering wheel.
  22. *No tractor will exceed 3½  mph.  Two warnings will be issued. Pull will be disqualified on third violation with no measurement  recorded.                  
  23. Pull must start with tight chain.  No jerking of sled.  Rough starts will be red-flagged.
  24. *Each puller has two attempts to pass the 20 foot mark. Pull is official after the 20 foot mark is passed.
  25. Excessive lost of liquid ( stream or intermittent stream) discharged on the track will be red-flagged.
  26. *The pull will be red-flagged and measured at the spot the tractor runs out of bounds if any part of the tractor or sled crossed the boundary line.
  27. Pull is over when forward motion of sled is stopped or red flag is dropped.
  28. A Protest must be filed within the weight class before the next class begins at the sign up booth. A $100.00 Protest Fee must be paid before the protest will be allowed.
  29. No reckless driving of tractors will be permitted on or off the track. Track Officials may disqualify any tractor driver for non-sportsmanship conduct, intoxication, or failure to stop when red-flagged.
  30. Rules are subject to revision at any time by Track Officials.
  31. At all times the tractors, drivers, and pulls will be governed by Track Officials and Flagmen.
  32. Entry fee will not be refunded if disqualified.
  33. Track Official’s Rulings and Decisions are Final.
* indicates rules applying to Stock Antique Classes ONLY!

 Rules For Super Antique Classes
  1. Maximum RPM 4000.
  2. Pull is automatically disqualified when boundaries are exceeded.
  3. Fans removed on engines over 3000 RPM.
  4. All tire sizes allowed. Cut tires allowed.
  5. Must have closed ring hitch with min. 3” ID and ¾” diameter drawbar. Tractor must not obstruct chain or clevis.
  6. Must have working kill switch.
  7. Tractors can pull in any gear. Rough starts will be red-flagged.
  8. 75’ False start allowance
  9. Tractors not meeting specifications will not be permitted to pull.
  10. Super Tractors can not pull in Antique Classes. Antique Tractors can pull in Super Classes.
  11. All Stock Antique Rules apply. 

      12. Super Antique Tractors can run Turbos 

Rules for Farm Stock

  1. Stock Tractor any year as Factory Equipped 
  2. No hanging weights allowed on 3pt lift. Weight bars are allowed on front and rear of  tractor with hanging weights.
  3. Maximum Speed of 8 M.P.H.
  4. Factory Draw Bar no higher than 20” with Clevis 
  5. No Duels No 4X4 
  6. TA’s, Multi Power, and Power Shifts allowed – One Shift Only


Rules For Hot Farm Classes, 10,500lb and 12,500lb
  1. Roll Cages or Factory ROPS with Seat Belt Required
  2. Any year model allowed.
  3. Must have a pair of Wheelie Bars.
  4. Transmission Wraps Recommended.    
  5.  Maximum of 3000 RPM, if rpms are in question Tech have right to check RPMS.   
  6. Spring loaded hand throttles that will automatically return to idle speed are Required
  7. All tractors must have working brakes.
  8. All size tires allowed. Cut tires allowed.
  9. Must have working kill switch, Air shutoff preferred
  10. Tractors can pull in any gear. Rough starts will be red-flagged.
  11. Pull is automatically disqualified when boundaries are exceeded with NO distance recorded.
  12. 75’ False start allowance.
  13. Any tractor deemed unsafe by Track Officials will NOT be allowed to pull.
  14. All Weights Must be Secure – No Loose Weights
  15. All Stock Antique Rules apply
  16. 20" Drawbar Height




 Pro Farm Class(new class for 2018 Season)

Maximum weight of 8500lb and 9500lbs

1. 470 cubic inch displacement, Maximum weight of 8500 lb. Turbo- 3" inlet with .250 map groove (KY). No forward-facing map groove. No H5, HX80 or S500 Series Turbo. No large frame turbos.

 2. NO 8600 series P- pumps.
3. OEM AG rear end.

4. Aluminum heads are not allowed. OEM Only (no recast heads).

 5. Only two (2) valves per cylinder.

 6. Fuel Pump- any pump maximum P-pump. P3000 or P7100

 7. Water injection allowed; water with oil lubricant only.

 8. OEM intake and exhaust manifolds only. NO homemade manifolds allowed.

 9. NO intercoolers or after-coolers permitted. If another sanctioned body Puller allows  Intercoolers then they will be allowed to pull with a Maximum Hitch height of 18"

10. Intake housing to be no larger than 3 inch at the face of the wheel. Single compressor wheel must protrude into 3 inch bore at least 1/8". Stock map width enhancement is permitted.

Sheet Metal and Frame:

1. Front weights shall not extend more than 13 feet from the center of the rear axle.

 2. Maximum wheelbase of 114 inches.

 3. No components tractors allowed.


1. No compressed air, nitrous oxide, fuel conversions, propane or nitro methane allowed. The only exception is the use of starting aid.

 2. Diesel fuel will be the only fuel accepted.

 3. No oxygen carries or combustion accelerators allowed in fuel.


Maximum tire size of 24.5x32 (Cut or uncut) at 8500lb and 9500lb 


Minimum hitch length of 18 inches measured from the center of the rear axle. Can be no closer. 
 Maximum hitch height of 20 inches.  
Hitch shall remain stationary in all directions.

General Rules:

All vehicles/drivers must comply with general rules.





Rules for V8 Modified Classes
  1. Tractors Must Retain Tractor Appearance
  2. Roll Cages with Seat belts Required
  3. Wheelie Bars that Support the Weight of the Tractor are Required
  4. Maximum Tires of 18.4
  5. Break Away Kill Switches Required
  6. Spring Return Throttle Required
  7. Single Carburetor; Gas or Racing Fuel Only – No Alcohol or Nitrous
  8. No Engine Driven Fans
  9. Steel Shield or Blanket Wrap Required for Bell Housing.
  10. Hitches have a 20” maximum height, Min.18” from center line of rear axle, Min. ¾” thick and 3” D Ring with NO movement
  11. All Weights Must be Secured – No Loose Weights
  12. False Start Distance of 75’ Allowed
  13. Pull is automatically disqualified when boundaries are exceeded and No distance is recorded
  14. Any Tractor deemed Unsafe by Track Officials will Not be allowed to pull
  15. Rules are subject to revision at any time by Track Officials
  16. At all times the tractors, drivers, and pulls will be governed by Track Officials and Flagmen
  17. Entry fee will not be refunded if disqualified
  18. Track Official’s Rulings and Decisions are Final 

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