Liberty Truck and Tractor Pull

2021 Pulling Dates

April 24th
May 15th
June 26th
August 14th
October 23rd 
Nov. 5th & 6th "Diesel's in Dark Corners XI" Event
Regular Season Pulls: Antique Tractors Pull at 3pm, Kids Pedal Tractor Race at 6pm, Trucks and Big Tractors Start at 7pm.
Admission is now $10 person, kids 6 and under free for the 4 regular season pulls(excludes the Diesels in Dark Corners Event)...

Second Half the Show will have a pay schedule upgrade. Each class in Second Half of Regular Season Pulls will pay 1st Place $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50(Has to be 4 or more competitors for this pay schedule to go into effect. If there is not 4 pullers for the class then we will pay 50% of each class total hook fee for 1st place only).


November 5th and 6th:
“Diesels in Dark Corners XI” Diesel Truck and Tractor Pull with Show and Shine
Friday November 5th Pull Starts at 6:30pm & Saturday November 6th: Pull Starts at 5pm

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